Accountability and Performance Weekly – August 22-28

Performance Management
Innovation metrics can help CIOs improve performance
Sam Ufret, Federal News Radio
Through dashboards, scorecards and heat maps, CIOs can make more informed decisions faster. But things like performance and innovation of the CIO shop itself are harder to measure.

Customer Service
Agencies Look to Yelp for Customer Feedback
Russell Berman, Government Executive/The Atlantic
The feds are partnering with the popular review site to encourage conversations on public services like the TSA and IRS—and preparing to get an earful.

Google Government Innovation Lab Reveals First Prototypes
Jason Shueh, Government Technology
Kern County, Calif., announces plans for two projects resulting from its work with the search giant.

The Uberizing of the Government Workforce
Elizabeth Kellar, Governing
As the use of contract and temporary workers grows and millennials move into government, the public sector will need to adapt.

Open Government
Beyond Facebook and Twitter – How Government Organizations Leverage Other Social Platforms Effectively
Darcie Piechowski, Business of Government
Social media provides a unique opportunity for government organizations to drive citizen engagement, and the methods for doing that are growing.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – August 15-21

Performance Management
GE Saw the Light on Performance, Government Should Too
Howard Risher, Government Executive
The answer is not to end employee reviews, but to make them better.

Customer Service
Maximizing the effectiveness of customer service
Kris van Riper and Scott Sherman, Federal Computer Week
To satisfy citizens’ digital expectations, agencies should shift their focus from exceeding expectations to improving the customer service experience.

Travelers Can Write Yelp Reviews For the TSA
Adam Pasick, Government Executive
The crowdsourcing hub is now a place to rate airport security experiences.

OMB Reports $22 Billion in Savings from Cutting Unnecessary Regulations
Charles Clark, Government Executive
The White House budget office on Friday laid claim to a savings of $22 billion over the next five years from the Obama administration’s five-year-old “regulatory lookback,” designed to identify obsolete or burdensome regulations.

Presidential program that led to Digital Service, 18F, now permanent
Aaron Boyd, Federal Times
After a three-year test run, President Obama signed an executive order making the Presidential Innovation Fellows a permanent part of the federal government.

Open Government
Giving Taxpayers More Details on Where Their Money Is Going Would Come at Its Own Cost
Charles Clark, Government Executive
CBO finds bid for in depth disclosure of program spending would cost $82 million over fou
r years.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – August 1-14

Performance Management
Seven keys to success to your agency’s next strategic review
Federal News Radio
Interview with Chris Mihm on best practices for carrying out strategic reviews outlined in a recent GAO report.

Cracking the code on past performance
Mark Rockwell, Federal Computer Week
By federal mandate, agencies must have an intricate understanding of a company and its performance before they sign a contract with it. It’s a laudable goal, but it has also produced daunting electronic and paper trails that contractors must navigate.

Measuring Up: How Can CIOs Take Stock?
Dan Chenok and John Kamensky, Business of Government
IT has made possible the availability of real-time data and the tools to display that data, which has boosted the use of data and evidence by government decision makers. But what about the use of performance metrics by agency CIOs themselves?

GE Had to Kill Its Annual Performance Reviews After More Than Three Decades
Max Nisen, Government Executive
The company that popularized the toughest form of formal annual review is moving away from them.

Can government be agile?
Jordon Sims, Federal Times
With a promise of faster and better outcomes for everything from start-ups to the labyrinthine federal government approach to services procurement, agile approaches are in the spotlight.

ICMA Recognizes Leaders in Performance Management
ICMA has officially recognized 48 local governments for their leadership in continuous improvement through performance management initiatives.

Commerce’s lean, agile Data Corps will focus on delivery
Aaron Boyd, Federal Times
To help support the department’s many missions, Commerce’s new chief data officer is putting together a team of software engineers to build the next generation of apps and solve critical data issues.

Public Leadership and the Collaboration Imperative
Frieda Edgette, Governing
To address today’s governance challenges, the tactical skills of effective collaborative public leadership are not only valuable, they are critical to success.

Customer Service
GSA designing, deploying tools to help agencies treat citizens as customers
Jared Serbu, Federal News Radio
OMB has told agencies to rethink the ways in which they interact with the public and undertake a more customer-focused approach. GSA says it’s here to help.

4 Myths of Citizen Experience
Josh Plaskoff, Nextgov
The government needs to revamp the way it interacts with citizens.

Are Governments ‘Paying for Failure’ With Social Impact Bonds?
Liz Farmer, Governing
A social policy experiment is spreading across the country as a new way to finance, deliver, and improve public services and problems. But its merits are so far unproven.

The City of No-Frills Innovation
Jeremy Goldberg, Governing
Ten years after Katrina, New Orleans is solving municipal challenges and improving lives.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – July 25-31

Performance Management
Why Evidence-Based Policymaking Is Just the Beginning
Susan Urhan, Governing
In delivering social services and other programs, measuring effectiveness is critical.
As Companies Shed Annual Reviews, Should Government Follow Suit?
Howard Risher, Government Executive
The point is not to reduce the focus on performance, but to reinforce it.

Bipartisan Evidence-Based Policy Bill Passes House
Charles Clark, Government Executive
The House approved a bipartisan plan for a commission to expand use of agency data to evaluate the effectiveness of programs and tax expenditures.
The Next Big Thing in Data Analytics
Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene, Governing
As the amount of data that governments accumulate grows, so does the need to disaggregate it.
Behavioral Science’s Growing Role in Making Government Work Better
Sharman Haley, Governing
A stronger focus on human factors can go a long way toward improving public services.
Analytics Play Key Role in Boston’s Tech Modernization
Justine Brown, Government Technology
Boston’s Citywide Analytics Team is bringing the power of data to everything the city does.

Open Government
Agencies plow ahead with DATA Act despite big hurdles
Emily Kopp, Federal News Radio
The executive branch has gotten the DATA Act off to a good start, but persistent problems with the data itself threaten to undermine the financial transparency that the law is intended to achieve.
Data Act implementation hung up on definitions
Zach Noble, Federal Computer Week
Words, rather than numbers, are proving key to bringing all federal agencies together in the push for financial transparency.
Transparency advocate sees hope in 3 open-data initiatives
Emily Kopp, Federal News Radio
The DATA Act is forcing agencies to standardize their financial data, and Congress and regulatory agencies slowly are doing the same with legislation and regulations.

Risk Management
What exactly is enterprise risk management?
Douglas Webster, Thomas Stanton, Federal Computer Week
It’s more than simply rolling up the traditional risk management efforts — and it’s increasingly critical for agencies.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – July 18-24

Five Tips from Federal Innovation Entrepreneurs
John Kamensky, Government Executive
Nearly 200 enthusiastic innovators from more than two dozen agencies gathered to share ideas and inspire each other.

The Best Transition In History
Alan Howze, Business of Government
Insights from a panel discussion on presidential transitions that emphasized the importance of focusing on management in the transition and early days of an administration.

Federal program management needs help
Mark Rockwell, Federal Computer Week
The National Academy of Public Administration has issued a white paper on lagging adoption of program management practices for large projects in the federal government.

How Government Can Get Better at Managing Big Programs
Tom Shoop, Government Executive
A new report plots a course for implementing improved techniques for managing complex programs.

Open Government
Good Ideas From Government’s Front Lines
Stephen Goldsmith, Governing
The people who deliver services directly to the public know a lot. Denver is setting the pace for tapping that resource.

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