Accountability and Performance Weekly, February 21-27

Performance Management
New performance initiatives in Cincinnati city government: An interview with Chad Kenney, Chief Performance Officer
Andy Feldman, Gov Innovator Blog
Initiatives include the introduction of city-wide strategic goals, department head performance agreements and the launch of an innovation lab. Coming in June, the city will also launch CincyStat, the city’s PerformanceStat initiative.

Improving public policy through behavioral economics: An interview with Raj Chetty, Professor, Harvard University
Andy Feldman, Gov Innovator Blog
How can tools from the behavioral sciences, such as behavioral economics, improve the design and implementation of public policies?

The Five Paradoxes of Continuous Improvement
Joakim Ahlstrom, Government Executive
Common approaches to innovation can actually kill creativity.

Want Results? Why Wait? Try Rapid Prototyping
Christian Bason, Governing
Governments can use this approach from the world of design to help them effectively and quickly evaluate new policies.

Utah Applies Social Impact Bonds to Early Childhood Education
Stephen Goldsmith, Governing
The investment tool is catching on as a better, safer way to invest scarce public resources.

Harvard’s Ash Center Honors Innovative State and Local Government Projects
Michael Grass, Government Executive
The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation announced its 2015 Bright Ideas honorees, which recognize 124 innovative ideas across all levels of government.

Open Government
The Path to Improving Civic Engagement
Tony Andersen, Governing
More can be done to bring people into the civic conversation. It’s good for governments, communities and our civic process.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly, February 14-20

Performance Management
Bipartisan Duo to Reintroduce Bill on Evidence-Based Policymaking
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Legislation would create a panel to study expanding the use of data to assess program performance.

Stats Surge Continues in Cities and States
Timothy Clark, Government Executive
A look at several “second-generation” stat programs whose ambitions reach beyond monitoring of bread-and-butter municipal activities such as pothole, sidewalk and streetlight repair, tree trimming, trash collection and snow removal.

Why strategies get stuck
Brian Gagnon, Federal Computer Week
The best organizations go beyond establishing buy-in and an understanding of strategy by unlocking employees’ capacity to execute.

Amid Open Data Push, Agencies Feel Urge for Analytics
Jack Moore, Nextgov
Agencies are turning to industry, academia and outside researchers for cutting-edge analytics tools to parse through their data to derive insights.

Open Government
Is Open Data Running Out of Steam?
Steve Towns, Government Technology
City experts say better community partnerships could reinvigorate “check box” transparency.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly, February 7-13

Calculating the Social Cost of Policymaking
Liz Farmer, Governing
Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley wants more states to adopt a new measurement tool called “net present value plus.”

Urban Innovation for All, by All: A Mayor’s Perspective
Greg Fischer, Governing
Louisville is working to embed innovation practices in city government.

The Challenge of Making Sure Innovation ‘Sticks’
Ron Littlefield, Governing
Words of advice to help ensure the sustainability of an innovation project, initiative or change.

The front line for a ‘culture of excellence’
Howard Risher, Federal Times
Each year the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey shows that day to day management of employee performance is the weakest human capital practice.

Open Government
OMB agrees to release government-wide data inventories
Adam Mazmanian, Federal Computer Week
The “largest index of government data in the world” will soon be made public.

Risk Management
OMB’s A-123 rewrite to flip risk management on its head
Emily Kopp, Federal News Radio
The White House is putting enterprise risk management front and center in its update to a key policy on internal controls expected later this year.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – January 31-February 6

The New Data-Driven Government Equation
Kate Bender, Government Executive
Data scientists are integrating open, online public data with citizen surveys to produce a rich and innovative perspective on citizen satisfaction with city services.

Data Analytics Helps Indiana Change its Approach to Infant Mortality
Jessica Hughes, Government Technology
Indiana has been using data analytics to reduce the state’s historically dismal infant mortality rate.

OMB seeks approval for agencies to ante up $15M for cross-agency goals
Jason Miller, Federal News Radio
The White House is asking Congress for permission to “pass-the-hat” to pay for cross-agency priority goals.

Cross-agency performance goals in the president’s budget
Steve Kelman, Federal Computer Week
Why this year’s emphasis on performance management could be different.

Customer Service
Customer Centricity and the Future of Human Services
William Eggers and Tiffany Dovey Fishman, Government Executive
Assessing individual needs improves results and cuts costs.

Obama Revives Agency Consolidation Proposal
Charles Clark, Government Executive
A previous version in 2012 foundered in a turf-conscious Congress.

Open Government
Obama budget pushes better decisions using open data
Aaron Boyd, Federal Times
The government produces petabytes of data every day and the administration is looking to strengthen the collection and analysis of that information and release more of it to the public.

GSA invites in the masses
Colby Hochmuth, Federal Computer Week
The General Services Administration has launched its online Public Participation Playbook, a resource of best practices and performance metrics for government managers to evaluate and build better services through citizen involvement.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – January 24-30, 2015

Data Innovation Day 2015: Methodologies Behind Analytics Success Stories
Jason Shueh, Government Technology
Experts from the public and private sectors provide tips on issues of data privacy, education, culture, hiring and the many obstacles impeding development.

How Will Government Adapt?: Sharing Across Stovepipes Is the New Normal
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Managing the cost of government will result in breaking down barriers within and between government agencies and levels of government to improve service delivery and reduce cost.

Customer Service
Satisfaction with fed customer service worst ever
Colby Hochmuth, Federal Computer Center
The American Customer Satisfaction Index blames the decline on budget and staff cuts.

Public sector innovation teams around the world: An interview with Jo Casebourne, Director of Public and Social Innovation, NESTA
Andy Feldman, Gov Innovator Blog
How can city, regional or national governments use innovation initiatives – teams, units or funds – to catalyze innovation in the public sector?

Open Government
Bill requires agencies to provide detailed program data
Andy Medici, Federal Times
Agencies would have to provide detailed information and performance data for each of its programs, under legislation introduced by a bipartisan group of senators.

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