Accountability and Performance Weekly – July 18-24

Five Tips from Federal Innovation Entrepreneurs
John Kamensky, Government Executive
Nearly 200 enthusiastic innovators from more than two dozen agencies gathered to share ideas and inspire each other.

The Best Transition In History
Alan Howze, Business of Government
Insights from a panel discussion on presidential transitions that emphasized the importance of focusing on management in the transition and early days of an administration.

Federal program management needs help
Mark Rockwell, Federal Computer Week
The National Academy of Public Administration has issued a white paper on lagging adoption of program management practices for large projects in the federal government.

How Government Can Get Better at Managing Big Programs
Tom Shoop, Government Executive
A new report plots a course for implementing improved techniques for managing complex programs.

Open Government
Good Ideas From Government’s Front Lines
Stephen Goldsmith, Governing
The people who deliver services directly to the public know a lot. Denver is setting the pace for tapping that resource.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – July 11-17

Performance Management
How Do You Measure the Effectiveness of Government?
Paul Eder, Government Executive
Understanding the citizen’s perspective can drive quality data and decisions.

Veterans Affairs Deputy Teams with Boss on Corporate-Style Reforms
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Deputy Secretary promises “sea change” in managing for customer needs.

What Kind of Leader Are You?
John Kamensky and Micheal Keegan, Business of Government
There are three types of leaders: strategic leaders, operational leaders, and network leaders.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – June 27-July 10

Performance Management
Most Agencies Embrace Data-Driven Performance Reviews, Watchdog Finds
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Data-driven reviews of program effectiveness required under the GPRA Modernization Act can promote use of performance information by agency officials and produce improved results.

5 steps to a performance management culture
Robert Shea, Federal Times
Performance staff can learn from what other federal organizations have done to encourage dialogue, assess the value they provide to citizens, improve data collection and, ultimately, transform their organization’s performance culture.

First, admit you have a problem
Zach Noble, Federal Computer Week
Sometimes the bad news can be more important than the good news – if only the message is heeded.

Should Government Do Away With Annual Performance Reviews?
Stewart Liff, Government Executive
Real feedback happens more than once a year.

Bad Data Is at All Levels of Government
Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene, Governing
States are not the only ones to lack the data they need to make good government.

The Next Big Thing in Data Analytics
Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene, Governing
As the amount of data that governments accumulate grows, so does the need to disaggregate it.

White House’s DJ Patil places laser focus on ‘unleashing the power of data’
Jason Miller, Federal News Radio
DJ Patil, the government’s first-ever chief data scientist, explains how his office is helping agency CDOs bring a ruthless focus to data.

OMB Pushes Interagency Collaboration to Modernize Statistics
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Regulatory chief seeks to eliminate ‘stovepiped’ information releases.

Here’s Our Chance to Fix Government Once and for All
Steve Goodrich, Government Executive
The Government Transformation Act would establish an entity to assess, transform and report on government programs, as well as eliminate or fix programs that aren’t working.

Tiny White House leadership program targets government’s biggest challenges
Emily Kopp, Federal News Radio
A new White House Leadership Development Program is scheduled to launch this Fall with an inaugural class of 10 high-potential GS-15s who will work on the 15 cross-agency priority goals.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – June 20-26

Performance Management
Priority Goal Update
Beth Cobert, OMB Blog
Article highlights a few examples of progress being made on cross-agency priority goals.

A guide to creating a culture of performance
Bianca Spinosa, Federal Computer Week
A new report from the Partnership for Public Service aims to chart a path toward creating a culture of performance improvement for federal agencies.

What Commerce, HUD and DHS can teach us about improving performance
Emily Kopp, Federal News Radio
Agencies are working to make performance improvement sustainable.

Driving Results in Cities Could Influence Federal Performance Efforts
Patrick Lester, Government Executive
Using data to steer limited funds to programs that work.

The Majority of Agency Heads Don’t Actually Use Data on Program Performance
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Agencies are advancing the principles of data-based performance, linking programs to mission and measuring return on investment, a new survey shows. But less than half of performance officers surveyed said their agency heads use performance data to drive decision-making.

The Causes, Costs and Consequences of Bad Government Data
Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene, Governing
States and localities are embracing the promise of big data. But just how good is the information they’re collecting in the first place?

Data Officers put business first, not IT
Aaron Boyd, Federal Times
The Chief Data Officer is a new role for the few agencies that have one in place and many are still figuring out exactly what their purview should be.

Open Government
What the Private Sector Can Teach Us About Open Government
Katie Burke, Government Executive
How data sharing can improve citizen services.

States and Cities Are ‘Labs’ for Inclusive Governance
Dave Nyczepir, Government Executive
Consulting residents helps officials manage high demand and limited resources, with less public criticism.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – June 13-19

Performance Management
Can We Focus on What Works?
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Can we shift the conversation in Washington from “waste, fraud, and abuse” to “what works and let’s fund it, instead?”

Senators Offer Plan to Streamline Program Management
Charles Clark, Government Executive
The bill would require the deputy director for management at OMB to create a Program Management Policy Council and to direct agencies to appoint program management improvement officers.

Why 18F concentrates on changing culture
Greg Otto, Fedscoop
The innovation coming out of 18F has little to do with new technology and a lot to do with new ways of thinking inside government agencies.

Open Government
The delicate, deliberate delivery of the DATA Act
Greg Otto, Fedscoop
The DATA Act is going to take some heavy lifting. OMB and the Treasury Department are setting benchmarks so agencies hit the law’s 2017 deadline.

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