Accountability and Performance Weekly – March 18-24

Performance Management
Performance Specialists Like Trump’s Management Agenda
Charles Clark, Government Executive
They cite language about unleashing managers and using data to evaluate program effectiveness.

The Trump administration has a management agenda!
Steve Kelman, Federal Computer Week
Steve Kelman digs into the administration’s budget blueprint, and finds clear signs of continuity for improving government management.

Transparency advocates pitch the next big thing in Big Data
Carten Cordell, Federal Times
The long-anticipated roll out of federal agency spending reporting required by the DATA Act is set for May, but that hasn’t kept transparency advocates from looking for new ways to make data work for government.

When Big Data Gets It Wrong
Adam Stone, Government Technology
The number of information sources streaming into government has never been greater. But is it making us smarter?

Reports of the Death of Big Data Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Elaine Pittman, Government Technology
A close look at U.S. presidential election predictions shows that more investment in data, not less, is the way to avoid replicating these problems in the future.

Helping Government Leaders Convert Civic Data into Sound Policy
Adam Stone, Government Technology
A newly formed collaboration aims to organize efforts and blur the line between academic research and applied practice in Pacific Northwest cities.

How career feds will manage Trump’s government reorg
Adam Mazmanian, Federal Computer Week
Without confirmed subcabinet officials, President Trump’s executive order calling for a federal government reorganization will be managed by agency chiefs and career executives.

Ex-OMB Controller Praises Trump’s Agency Reorganization Plan
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Mader likes “whole of government” view and 12-month lead time.

How Trump’s Plan to Reorganize Government Could Work
Steve Goodrich, Government Executive
We’ve seen this talk many times before, but done right, it could actually be successful.

Open Government
Open Data Can Make a Difference!
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Data can support the quality of important choices citizens make every day.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – March 11-17

Performance Management
Here’s Something We Can All Agree On: Agencies Need to Deliver Results
Andrew Feldman and Seth Harris, Government Executive
In a time of superheated politics, a focus on government performance is especially important.
Government Performance Management Systems: Case Studies From South Asia
Prajapati Trivedi, Business of Government
An effective performance management system must be able to create the missing bottom line in a government organization. To be able to do this, a performance measurement system must prioritize success indicators and targets, and indicate how deviation from targets will be judged.

Trump Orders Agencies to Eliminate Waste, Workforce Redundancies
Eric Katz, Government Executive
Executive action follows trend of presidential promises.
Trump signs government reorganization order
Jason Miller, Federal News Radio
President Donald Trump signed an executive order Monday calling for agencies to analyze their efforts in preparation for a major reorganization.
4 questions about Trump’s agency reorg order
Carten Cordell, Federal Times
While the order lays out a broad plan for how officials are meant to move forward, many questions remain.
Why It’s So Hard to Shut Down a Government Agency
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Trump’s target list of 19 would interrupt many grants and contracts.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – March 3-10

Kick-Starting Data-Driven Government
Stephen Goldsmith, Governing
As the civic data field matures, more cities are discovering the value of data to improve government and asking how they can more fully join the movement.

Insights from New Zealand’s “Results” Programme
John Kamensky, Business of Government
You can’t solve “horizontal” problems with “vertical” solutions, and the country of New Zealand – a forerunner of government reforms – learned that the hard way.

Driving Innovation in Government: The Unsung Heroes
Jeff Press and John Malgeri, Government Executive
Political appointees should check their assumptions at the door before launching big changes.

Rhode Island ‘Innovation League’ Mimics Google’s ’20 Percent’ Initiative
Eyragon Eidam, Government Technology
A new approach is putting agency representatives in a room with new voices and new ideas in hopes of addressing some of Rhode Island’s most pressing issues.

Why Everyone Should Master Project Management Skills
Danielle Blumenthal, Government Executive
If you’re doing project management right it is not boring at all because the art and the science of it is to simultaneously juggle a lot of different mini-initiatives aimed at specific outcomes.

Open Government
State, Local Officials Question Open Data Directives Under Trump
Theo Douglas, Government Technology
As online information has disappeared from view, state and local officials wonder how the Trump administration will handle open data.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – February 25-March 3

Performance Management
Getting Serious About Employee Performance
Howard Risher, Government Executive
Engagement surveys ignore a key issue: Leaders and their agendas matter.

Evidence-Based Programs Risk Losing Funding Under Trump
J.B. Wogan, Governing
The president’s budget director wants to eliminate a fund that supports research-backed state and local projects. It’s won bipartisan support in the past. Will Congress step in to save it?
5 Strategies for Evidence-Based Policymaking
Quentin Palfrey, Governing
There’s plenty of bipartisan support for the idea. Implementing it requires some concrete steps.
One Way to Save Money, Reduce Fraud and Employ People Faster
Tod Newcombe, Governing
New Mexico has a unique program that combines behavioral economics and predictive analytics.

Customer Service
Creating User-Centric Services for Residents Is Crucial
Ryan McCauley, Government Technology
Public agencies are finding that they must upgrade their digital service delivery to match users’ expectations from the private sector.

The Clumsy War Against the ‘Administrative State’
Donald Kettl, Government Executive
The twin ideals of competence and responsiveness have faded
Will reviewing DoD business operations make a difference?
Jeff Neal, Federal News Radio
Given the Defense secretary’s reputation for being a no-nonsense leader, everyone in the DoD management establishment should take this directive very seriously.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – February 18-24

Performance Management
Civil service reform starts with performance
Jeff Neal, Federal News Radio
Failure to deal with poor performers and complaints about pay-for-performance programs remind us all how much virtually everyone hates the performance evaluation process, says former DHS chief human capital officer Jeff Neal.

Strengthening results-focused government: Strategies to build on bipartisan progress in evidence-based policy
Andrew Feldman, Brookings
A new report from Brookings argues the new administration should make a bold new push on evidence-based policy in order to improve government performance.

Cross-sector Collaboration: What the Tipping Point Looks Like
Van Ton-Quinlivan, Stanford Social Innovation Review
Five successful change management strategies from an initiative to transform higher education.

How Trump Can Avoid the Reorganization Trap His Predecessors Fell Into
Donald Kettl, Government Executive
It’s hard to save big money by cutting agencies without cutting programs.

The Promise and Perils of ‘Moving the Boxes’
Feather O’Connor Houstoun, Governing
Reorganizing a government’s agencies and services — whether consolidating them or breaking them up — isn’t easy. There are some important things to keep in mind.

Social Media’s Growing Utility for Government
Stephen Goldsmith, Governing
Public agencies keep finding creative ways to leverage its power for service delivery.

Contemplating Change for Coding Competitions, Hackathons
Theo Douglas, Government Technology
State and municipal agencies take different approaches to hackathons, coding competitions and app challenges, which have altered — and are an important fixture in — the tech world.

OMB Memo Signals Possible Elimination of Social Innovation Fund
Patrick Lester, Social Innovation Research Center
OMB is circulating a memo that targets nine federal programs for elimination, including the agency that houses the Social Innovation Fund.

Updates from the procurement innovation front
Steve Kelman, Federal Computer Week
Kelman looks at several procurement innovations with the potential to move the federal government increasingly towards pay-for-success contracting.

Open Government
The future of open data in the Trump administration
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
Government transparency advocates expect Obama-era open data policies to continue, but would like to see agencies and Congress prioritize their expansion.

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