Accountability and Performance Weekly – September 17-23

Treasury ‘on track’ to hit Data Act milestones
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
Despite concerns, Treasury Department officials said they are on schedule to publish agency spending data by the May 2017 deadline.

Leading a Network Doesn’t Have To Be Like Herding Cats
Michael Keegan, Government Executive
Research offers a guide to effective collaboration.

Why Data Sharing Should Be Government’s Default
Stephen Goldsmith, Governing
It enables more efficient and effective government. The obstacles are often more rooted in folklore than in law.

Customer Service
How May I Help You?
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Improving customer service has been an off-and-on federal priority over a number of years.

How Sugar Beets Symbolize Innovation in Government
Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene, Governing
Insights into the things that can facilitate and hinder innovation.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – September 10-16

Performance Management
The Management Roadmap: How the Next Administration Can Hit the Ground Running from Day One
Dan Chenok, Business of Government
Focusing on management as a key enabler to achieving policy and program priorities.

4 steps to a solid management agenda for the next administration
Nicole Ogrysko, Federal News Radio
The Partnership for Public Service offered a four-pronged road map to develop an implementation plan on the next president’s agency and policy priorities.

The Real Solution to Government’s Performance Problems: Culture Change
Howard Risher, Governing
The latest management system isn’t going to get the job done. Ultimately, it’s about leadership and managers.

The Calculus for Commitment: The Power of Involving the Private Sector in Social Impact Networks
Anna Muoio and Faizal Karmali, Stanford Social Innovation Review
Why social sector organizations should make engaging for-profit companies a normal part of their problem-solving strategies—and four ways to do it effectively.

Army: Partnerships essential to meet future cyberthreats
Sean Carberry, Federal Computer Week
For the Army to meet the cyberthreats of the future, it must forge deeper partnerships with industry and academia today.

Customer Service
How the Next Administration Can Improve Customer Experience
Kathy Conrad and Eric Keller, Government Executive
Agencies are increasingly recognizing that services should be built from the outside in, around customer needs. The next administration will likely bring its own twist to these initiatives.

How agencies plan to improve customer service
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
Federal agencies are increasingly looking to the private sector for tips on how to improve customer experience.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – August 27-September 9

Performance Management
25 Years Later, What Happened to ‘Reinventing Government’?
John Buntin, Governing
The ambitious public management crusade of the 1990s has made a mark on governments everywhere. But it’s fallen short of some of its goals.

How Academia Is Failing Government
Philip Joyce, Governing
Because the incentives for academic research are misaligned, it has little impact on the real world of public administration and policy.

Effective Leadership in Network Collaboration: Lessons Learned from Continuum of Care Homeless Programs
Michael Keegan, Business of Government
What does effective collaboration look like and does leadership matter? If leadership is important, what specific skills and qualities are valuable for leaders to possess and/or develop in order to lead successful collaborative efforts?

Customer Service
How Branding Can Transform Government Customer Service
Dannielle Blumenthal, Government Executive
Government agencies tend to suffer from an extreme form of myopia.

Open Government
Watchdog: The ‘Window’ Into Government Performance Is Pretty Cloudy
Eric Katz, Government Executive
GAO says the website doesn’t do a very good job of tracking whether agencies are meeting their goals.

The Responsibility of Government in Building Civic Engagement
Darcie Piechowski, Business of Government
Government organizations help improve the lives of citizens every day. Yet, in the best of circumstances, the betterment of society is the responsibility of everyone – public sector employees who work for the government and citizens who interact with it.

Presidential Transition
What presidential transition looks like from inside an agency
Jory Heckman, Federal News Radio
The upcoming presidential transition, once complete, will bring nearly 4,000 new political appointees into the federal workforce, but the new presidential administration will need the existing career civil service to get policy off the ground.

Risk Management
Faster Government: Rethinking the Risk Equation
William Eggers, Governing
In a time of rapid change, being ready to fail early and get past it is essential.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – August 20-26

Performance Management
When Performance Measures are Counter-Productive
Robert Behn, Government Executive
Different measures create different incentives.

Creating a results-focused city government: An interview with Michael Nutter, former Mayor of Philadelphia
Andy Feldman, GovInnovator Podcast
What is the value of evidence and data for elected city leaders as well as how can those leaders create a results-focused culture within city government?

Making rigorous program evaluation easier with RCT-YES software: An interview with Peter Schochet, Fellow, Mathematica Policy Research
Andy Feldman, GovInnovator Podcast
How can leaders determine if a proposed change is actually effective? New software, called RCT-YES, is designed to help public leaders (and the researchers who work with them) answer that question.

Future-readying the federal workforce
Webster Mudge, Federal Computer Week
Most agencies have the data and domain knowledge needed to drive innovation. Now they need a culture that attracts and nurtures the necessary talent.

Open Government
A Scorecard for Public Engagement
Rod Gould, Governing
Involving members of the community in policymaking is tricky, but it’s worth the effort. Those who do it well share some approaches.

Presidential Transition
Presidential transition an opportunity to reset knowledge management
Meredith Somers, Federal News Radio
The presidential transition is a time of significant change, but it’s also an opportunity to strengthen the continuity of knowledge management.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – August 13-19

Performance Management
Is Performance Budgeting an Unnatural Act?
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Performance budgeting has been a mantra of government reformers at least since the 1949 Hoover Commission. But its actual implementation has been sporadic. Why is something that seems sensible so hard to do?

Analytics: Turning a Flood of Data into Valuable Information
Eyragon Eidam, Government Technology
At a recent event, state and local officials discussed insights to be gained from the exponential increase of data and where teams should focus their energy.
The Chief Data Officer’s Path to Success
Viral Chawda, Governing
A lot of obstacles need to be overcome to bring the power of data and analytics to government, but it’s doable.

Improving Implementation of Cross-Agency Priority Goals
Sarah Veale, Peter Beck, and Margaret Adams, The Public Manager
By building capacity for shared work, agencies are making progress toward their CAP goals.

Innovation takes wing
Steve Kelman, Federal Computer Week
What the General Services Administration calls “challenges” are a way for the government to buy solutions by announcing a specific goal and inviting anyone who is interested to submit a solution.
Encouraging and Sustaining Innovation in Government: Technology and Innovation in the Next Administration
Dan Chenok, Business of Government
When a new Administration takes office in January 2017, a new set of leaders will drive the nation’s innovation agenda. These leaders can build on significant progress from previous administrations, overcome continued challenges in modernizing technology infrastructure, enact flexible policies and regulations, and build innovation leadership and skills in the federal workforce.
VA demo day showcases employee-driven innovation
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
The Department of Veterans Affairs is turning to its employees for technological approaches to improving health care delivery for veterans.
USAID crowdsources 21 ideas for fighting Zika
Amanda Ziadeh, Federal Computer Week
The U.S. Agency for International Development’s crowdsourcing efforts to fight the Zika virus have produced some cutting-edge solutions from global innovators.
When Innovation Goes Wrong
Christian Seelos and Johanna Mair, Stanford Social Innovation Review
Efforts by social enterprises to develop novel interventions receive a great deal of attention. Yet these organizations often stumble when it comes to turning innovation into impact.

Presidential Transition
The Presidential Transition Should Include Civil Service Reform
Howard Risher, Government Executive
Efforts to upgrade agency management over the past two decades have largely ignored the workforce.
A Blueprint for Improving Government Performance
Howard Risher, Government Executive
While it’s long overdue, there’s plenty of reason to believe Civil Service reform could be successful.

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