Accountability and Performance Weekly – January 30-February 5

Performance Management
Performance-based budgeting gets a kick in the pants for 2017 budget
Jason Miller, Federal News Radio
Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) authored a provision instructing OMB to ensure budget plans are linked more directly to performance measures as required under the GPRA Modernization Act.

Government Reorganization 2016: No Magic Wand
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Bipartisan legislation was introduced last year to create a board that would make recommendations to “transform” government. With public trust in government at an all-time low, is there an appetite to act?

State Spending and the Search for Hidden Efficiencies
Charles Chieppo, Governing
It shouldn’t take a budget crisis like the one Kansas is dealing with to force a government to look for more ways to save taxpayer money.

Why the Next President Must Make Government More Collaborative
Don Kettl and Robert O’Neill, Government Executive
Failure to act before the next crisis — and there will be one — could doom the next administration.

New Report Explores the Use of Social Tools to Improve Interagency Collaboration
Dan Chenok, Business of Government
A new report on lessons learned from the use of internal collaborative tools across the intelligence community.

Open Government
GAO frets about ambiguity in Data Act standards
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
GAO says some data element definitions offered by Treasury and OMB are potentially unclear, inconsistent and open to interpretation.

Commerce opens school for data
Zach Noble, Federal Computer Week
A new push is aimed at teaching users how to effectively put Commerce data to good use.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – January 23-29

Performance Management
The performance measures that managers hate
Steve Kelman, Federal Computer Week
For metric-based management, Steve Kelman argues, it’s important that the measures not be specified from on high.

OMB, Agencies Need to Read the Fine Print in 2016 Budget
John Kamensky, Government Executive
The omnibus budget passed by Congress in late December contains some performance management surprises.

GAO: GSA, FPS collaboration weaknesses risk building security
Carten Cordell, Federal Times
GAO found that the agencies have drafted a joint strategy to foster better collaboration, but have not yet agreed on key practices to carry it out.

Pay for Success Can Stretch Agency Budgets, and Already Has
Patrick Lester, Government Executive
With authorizing legislation that would extend the concept now stalled in Congress, the administration appears to be following an alternate path to supporting pay for success.

White House names new class of Presidential Innovation Fellows
Greg Otto, FedScoop
The White House has named its latest round of Presidential Innovation Fellows, bringing in 11 entrepreneurs-in-residence to help improve citizen services and the way the government operates.

Open Government
Data Trade Group: Transparency Isn’t Enough
Mohana Ravindranath, Nextgov
The Data Transparency Coalition, a trade association which advocates for federal data sharing, is rebranding to include data management as part of its mission.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – January 16-22

Performance Management
How to take control of federal performance management
Liam Ackland, Federal Computer Week
Six steps human capital officers can take to improve performance at agencies.

The Importance of Logic Models and Theories of Change
Social Solutions
Logic models and theories of change should be viewed as an essential tool for supporting program design, management and evaluation.

Measuring What Matters
Marc J. Holley, Cheri A. Recchia, Valerie Bockstette, Stanford Social Innovation Review
The need to determine how best to allocate limited resources requires generating robust performance measures that drive accountability, learning, and impact.

Government data is ‘weird’
Zach Noble, Federal Computer Week
The mandated dive into government data is revealing surprising value to agencies, but it comes with rigorous reporting that runs deeper than a typical audit.

What a Brown Delivery Truck Could Teach Government
Stephen Goldsmith, Governing
The technology that UPS uses to optimize its routes and achieve big savings shows how powerful data analytics could be across the public sector.

Reconsidering Evidence: What It Means and How We Use It
Lisbeth Schorr, Stanford Social Innovation Review
The tide that has swept experimental program evaluation to the forefront of knowledge building about social policy is suddenly ebbing.

Sticky-note strategy: How federal innovation labs borrow from Silicon Valley
Carten Cordell, Federal Times
The government has started to use human-centered design to develop new policy solutions with a multifaceted group of stakeholders that can contribute a well-rounded slate of expertise. The product is a strategy that is developed from the creative thoughts of a team of experts, rather than a single specialized source.

Public Leadership and the Gift of Time Well Spent
Feather O’Connor Houstoun, Governing
Civic innovation can improve the way government works, but it needs a long runway.

The state of pay for success in 2015
Urban Institute
Recent developments in PFS.

Presidential Transition
How One Group is Trying to Prevent Procrastination on Presidential Transition Planning
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Exactly one year before the next inauguration, a major good-government group on Wednesday announced the formation of a unique and permanent resource center on presidential transitions.

What role career feds can play during the upcoming presidential transition
Nicole Ogrysko, Federal News Radio
Civil servants should actively approach the new leadership and remind them what the agency does and the work they do.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – January 9-15

Performance Management
New Year’s Resolution: Use Goals and Measurement, But Wisely
Shelley Metzenbaum, Government Executive
One challenge in using goals is doing so in ways that inspire, rather than frustrate or discourage. A second is making sure pursuit of a goal does not lead to actions that create new problems.

Real Lean Is Not Just About Cutting Costs
Robert Behn, Government Executive
Government’s purpose is not to cut costs. Its real purpose is to produce results that citizens value. And when doing anything, public executives must “always start with purpose.”

The Innovation the Grantmaking Process Needs
Beth Noveck and Andrew Young, Governing
The way governments give out money to solve problems is stuck in the past.

Civic Labs: Improving Public Services From the Bottom Up
Kendra Smith and Kevin Desouza, Governing
Innovation platforms are springing up all over, engaging citizens in the process. Government’s challenge is to manage and nurture them.

Government on the Go
John Kamensky and Susan Wedge, Business of Government
Apps are increasingly becoming an avenue for how citizens interact with their government. Government-created or –supported mobile apps offer “on-the-go” services such as finding and paying for parking spaces, reporting potholes and damaged streetlights, and checking restaurant health safety violations.

Presidential Transition
You can never start a transition too early
Zach Noble, Federal Computer Week
The wheels are in motion for the next handoff of presidential power in 2017, and while government has plenty to do, outside partnerships are forming a key part of the “let’s not mess this transition up” coalition.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – December 19-January 8

Performance Management
A New Standard for What Works in City Government
Stephen Goldsmith, Governing
Bloomberg Philanthropies is providing a useful roadmap for results-oriented governance.

Why Performance Pay Is Just the Beginning
Charles Chieppo, Governing
Plenty more could be done to transform public workforces into meritocracies.

Why the feds should use behavior science to improve services
Julia Featherstone, Federal Times
A recent executive order issued by President Barack Obama in September has the potential to significantly reshape the design and delivery of government services.

Customer Service
GSA’s Citizen Services get high marks in survey, but ‘ease of use’ lags
Zach Noble, Federal Computer Week
A new survey alerted the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies to weak points in their offerings – and helped them focus on keeping things easy for users.

Government Transformation Boosters Want Another Commission
Charles Clark, Government Executive
An ambitious new commission could materialize next year if Congress passes the Government Transformation Act.

Open Government
The White House is Violating Its Own Transparency Policy
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Open government groups press OMB on delayed agency guidance.

Strategic Planning
Strategy Is About Tough Decisions
Alan Pentz, Government Executive
Strategy is all about making choices.

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