Accountability and Performance Weekly – March 3-16

How HHS’s Data Science CoLab catalyzes employee innovation: An interview with Will Yang, CoLab Director, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Andy Feldman, Gov Innovator Podcast
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently launched a pilot version of a new initiative called the Data Science CoLab, an eight-week-long data science training program.

Cutting Through the Complexity: A Roadmap for Effective Collaboration
David Ehrlichman, David Sawyer, and Matthew Spence, Stanford Social Innovation Review
Collaborations and networks rarely achieve their ambitious goals. Here’s what it takes to make them actually work.

Customer Service
Government’s Customer Experience Comeback
Eric Keller and Kathy Conrad, Government Executive
In its 2019 budget proposal the White House sent a strong signal that improving customer interactions with government will be a major management priority.

In federal IT, no harm borrowing ideas that work
Jory Heckman, Federal News Radio
When it comes to adopting new technology and revamping online services to the public, federal agencies don’t always need to reinvent the wheel.

OPM says it’ll help agencies re-skill federal employees for jobs of the future
Nicole Ogrysko, Federal News Radio
In the coming months, OPM will have more guidance for agencies to better prepare their employees to handle new kinds of work.

Air Force giving $64 million to squadrons next week to spur innovation
Scott Maucione, Federal News Radio
The Squadron Innovation Fund gives the Air Force’s basic unit about $10,000 to $30,000 to start new programs and invest in new ideas.

A hollow administration?
Alan Balutis, Federal Computer Week
Hundreds of top agency positions remain unfilled.

Are You Ready for Pay for Performance?
Alan Pentz, Corner Alliance
It is essential for leaders to establish clear goals.

Finally, Managing People Seems to be a Priority
Howard Risher, Government Executive
The failure of government to adopt strategies proven in other sectors has long been a mystery.

Why OMB should change the name of the management agenda
Jason Miller, Federal News Radio
Each of the pillars of the management agenda will be driven by people.

What the President’s Management Agenda Will Say About IT, CIOs and Office of American Innovation
Aaron Boyd, Nextgov
The agenda will include bringing more people to the table and having OMB take the lead.

Open Government
Could The Open Government Movement Shut The Door On Freedom of Information?
Suzanne J. Piotrowski, Alex Ingrams and Daniel Berliner, Government Executive
Three scholars of government transparency look at a potential collision between the old freedom of information movement and the new open government movement. Is there room for both?

A Powerful Tool for Getting Citizens Involved
Feather O’Connor Houstoun, Governing
By engaging residents on issues of climate and weather, it demonstrates how program design can be improved and strengthened.

Citizen Engagement for the Long Haul
Myung Lee, Governing
By tapping their residents’ knowledge and creativity in sustained ways, cities can achieve more with less.

Are Open Data Efforts Working?
Adam Stone, Government Technology
State and local governments have poured time, money and resources into publishing data sets and building portals to facilitate access to this wealth of information. Are these open data initiatives succeeding?

7 Requirements for Successfully Managing Government Reform
Dave Mader, Government Executive
Public sector transformation can be successful if pursued the right way.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – February 24-March 2

Performance Management
Agencies Reveal New Priority Goals in Budget
John Kamensky, Business of Government
The President’s FY 2019 budget released in mid-February was accompanied by a set of statutorily-required “Agency Priority Goals” and four-year strategic plans.

GSA merges shared services team and management councils into new office
Carten Cordell, FedScoop
GSA’s 2019 budget justification includes a request to help fund a new office merging the Trump administration’s shared services and performance management strategies.

How States Use Data to Inform Decisions
Pew Charitable Trusts
A national review of the use of administrative data to improve state decision-making.

The Evolving Nature of State Data Work
Zack Quaintance, Government Technology
States have emphasized data work more lately — but where do they go from here?

Customer Service
Report: Effective Government Outreach Requires Social Media
Elizabeth Zima, Government Technology
The role of social media in citizen-government interactions has steadily increased in recent years as the public becomes more reliant on the medium for real-time information.

Open Government
How government data is at risk
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
Open data advocates and former government employees have concerns about the fate of open government data, especially with budget and staffing cuts and surrounding topics that face increased politicization and contentiousness.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – February 17-23

The Importance of Celebrating Data Wins
Zack Quintance, Government Technology
Former and current gov tech leaders say talking about successful projects is key to advancing innovation work.

New Federal Senior Executives Are Being Left in the Dark As They Start Their Jobs
Eric Katz, Government Executive
Survey finds only half of incoming SESers are satisfied with the onboarding process.

How to improve organizational performance in your agency’s unit
Nahal Amouzadeh, Federal News Radio
The National Academy of Public Administration has released a paper offering a new data-driven management improvement approach that could transform federal agencies unit-by-unit.

Performance Management is Not a Contest
Howard Risher, Government Executive
The author argues the administration is sending the wrong message with its fund for targeted pay incentives.

How Agencies Can Improve Grant Management
Jeff Myers, Jenata Spencer, and Shelly Slebrch, Government Executive
Better information sharing and coordination should be top priorities.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – February 10-16

Evidence Provisions in the Trump Budget
Patrick Lester, Social Innovation Research Center
Highlights for some of the most prominent evidence-related programs.

Pay for Success Legislation Becomes Law
Patrick Lester, Social Innovation Research Center
Legislation will create a new $100 million program to fund pay-for-success projects.

Wins for data and evidence-based policy in the bipartisan budget deal: An interview with Nick Hart, Bipartisan Policy Center
Andy Feldman, GovInnovator Podcast
The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 contains several noteworthy bright spots in the use of data and evidence-based policy.

3 Tips for Managing Innovation
Corner Alliance
It’s more about implementation and execution than it is about inspiration.

The rise and fall of 18F
Daniel Castro, Fedscoop
Employment numbers have dropped steadily at 18F over the past year. This means that virtually the entire staff, who are hired for two-year terms with an option to extend for a second term, will be gone before Trump’s first term is over.

White House’s management agenda to help with ‘deep-seated transformation’ effort
Jason Miller, Federal News Radio
With the goal of taking on “deep-seated transformation” across the federal government, President Donald Trump is outlining six broad areas in his inaugural management agenda.

Senate Confirms Trump’s Top Management Nominee
Eric Katz, Government Executive
Margaret Weichert has promised strategic approach to workforce reduction and hiring reforms.

Pay for Performance is Needed
Howard Risher, Government Executive
The highest hurdle promises to be creating performance processes that generate credible and defensible ratings.

Transferring Responsibilities and Consolidating Offices Highlight Trump Reorganization Plan
Eric Katz, Government Executive
Long-awaited agency reform plans offer light details, promises of future reforms proposals.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – February 3-9

The Big Deal About Big Data
Donald Kettl, Government Executive
Ten reasons why big data is more than just the next step in the ongoing evolution in government performance.

Justice taps big data in investigations
Mark Rockwell, Federal Computer Week
Advanced analytics are playing an increasingly important role in the Department of Justice’s financial fraud and drug trafficking investigations.

Why evaluation policies are useful to results-focused federal agencies: An interview with Naomi Goldstein, HHS, and Molly Irwin, DOL
Andy Feldman, Gov Innovator Podcast
A small but growing number of federal departments and agencies have created evaluation policies that describe the principles that those agencies seek to promote when they conduct program evaluations.

Threats to Government Data Are Threats to Democracy
Andre Perry and Katherine Guyot, Government Executive
Researchers highlight the many ways federally-collected data shape Americans’ lives.

Customer Service
Understaffing, lack of training at agencies hampering agency services to public, personnel agency says
Eric Yoder, Washington Post
Shortages of employees — a common feature of troubled government programs — are hampering a range of services to the public.

Geeks Come to the Government’s Rescue
Tod Newcombe, Governing
The organization some refer to as “the Peace Corps for geeks” has launched a major effort to improve the way people apply for benefits.

Not All Innovation Projects Are Born Equal
Alan Pentz, Government Executive
Government innovators can provide minimal proof of concept funding and gate further investment based on a few key milestones.

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