EPA using data science to save environment, support agencies
Meredith Somers, Federal News Radio
EPA is using predictive technology and positive word-of-mouth to promote its big data projects — in the hope of encouraging other agencies to do the same.

IARPA seeks to predict the unpredictable
Chase Gunter ,Federal Computer Week
IARPA is hosting forecasting tournaments, crowdsourcing intelligence and combining human research with automation in order to accurately forecast – and prevent – catastrophic events before they take place.

Customer Service
The Customer-Experience Prescription for Government
William Eggers and Greg Pellegrino, Governing
America’s most successful companies have learned a lot about keeping their customers happy. The public sector can join that revolution.

It’s Time to Reform OMB, Experts Say
Charles Clark, Government Executive
The White House Office of Management and Budget needs to pay more attention to management.

Open Government’s current and future usefulness
Samantha Ehlinger, FedScoop
The site was an important step toward transparency, experts say, but more work is needed to make the site useful to the public and federal agencies.

Meet the U.S. Data Federation: A new hub for standardized, coordinated open data
Samantha Ehlinger, FedScoop
The new hub promotes standardized, coordinated government open data efforts where doesn’t.

Presidential Transition
Presidential transition offers management, budget challenges for OMB
Jory Heckman, Federal News Radio
The next president’s administration will rely heavily on the Office of Management and Budget’s expertise in crafting a governmentwide management agenda, but only after it gets a handle on the protracted budget process.

Meet the Duo Responsible for a Smooth Presidential Transition
Charles Clark, Government Executive
President Obama vowed to meet or exceed the effective hand off his team was given by the George W. Bush staff in 2008.

People behind new president’s mgmt. agenda need a morale boost, coalition says
Nicole Ogyrysko, Federal News Radio
The success of the next president’s management agenda will largely depend on having the right senior executives to serve as champions for the administration’s goals, as well as the right performance plans to hold them accountable and drive noticeable outcomes.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – October 8-14

Performance Management
Both Political Parties Believe Next Administration Should Prioritize Performance Management in Agencies
Kellie Lunney, Government Executive
An evidence-based, data-driven approach to policy is the best way to ensure government is operating efficiently and effectively, say current and former government officials.

What Empowered Public Employees Could Accomplish
Howard Risher, Governing
“Participative management” is big in the private sector. Government leaders need to recognize its value.

Federal Workers Lack Faith that Performance Is Rewarded
Erik Katz, Government Executive
Federal employees remain skeptical top performers are rewarded fairly and poor performers are dealt with adequately, according to new results from the federal government’s annual workforce survey, though their opinions of top leaders continue to improve.

Open Innovation: Practices to Engage Citizens and Effectively Implement Federal Initiatives
Government Accountability Office
Federal agencies are using “open innovation” tools to leverage the knowledge and skills of people outside government. This report identifies 7 practices that agencies can use to effectively engage the public when using open innovation tools.

Creating a new architecture of government through tech and innovation
Hollie Gilman and Jessica Gover, TechCrunch
Recommendations on how the next administration can further embed and scale innovation in government.

How to make innovation a (federal) way of life
Tom Temin, Federal News Radio
For data-driven problem-solving to have continuing impact, it has to be baked into the bureaucracy.

Risk Management
Risk is Agencywide, But What About Risk Management?
April Chen, Government Executive
Efforts to modernize federal operations have introduced risks at all organizational levels, from the C suite to the mailroom.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – October 1-7

Big Data, Big Cities, Big Deal
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Big Data is increasingly seen as a Big Deal, especially in mid-sized and big cities. But why? What can government leaders vs. data experts get from it?

Commerce Department spearheading project to ‘take data the last mile’
Meredith Somers, Federal News Radio
The Commerce Department  announced it would be spearheading the ongoing Opportunity Projects, an effort to use big data to solve issues like housing, hiring and healthcare.

Customer Service
Mobile Solutions Can Drive Citizen Engagement for Government
Lori Feller and Dan Chenok, Business of Government
Agencies can leverage mobile platforms to enhance citizen services.

Pay for Success: Separating Fact From Fear
Justin Milner, Government Executive
In an era of tight budgets, finding innovative ways to fund social programs and improve the lives of Americans has become more important than ever. One strategy that has gained prominence in recent years is “pay for success.”

Pentagon advisory board rolls out innovation plan
Sean Carberry, Federal Computer Week
The Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Advisory Board said there is no shortage of ideas and innovation in the military, but what is lacking is the means to share and build on innovative ideas.

New innovative positions creating ‘cool kids club,’ officials worry
Sarah Ehlinger, FedScoop
Government needs to stop creating new positions as a blanket solution for its innovation problems, according to Washington, D.C. CTO Archana Vemulapalli.

Two Years Later: The Future of Government Digital Services
Darcie Piechowski, Business of Government
The second anniversary of the US Digital Service (USDS) provides the opportunity to consider the future of digital government.

Can a New Work Design Help the Government?
Stewart Liff, Government Executive
What you can learn from the agencies that pioneered different approaches.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – September 24-30

Performance Management
House Clears Bill to Strengthen Program Management
Charles Clark, Government Executive
All agencies would appoint new program improvement officers.

How the ‘Data Cabinet’ Could Break Down Project Barriers
Mohana Ravindranath, Nextgov
Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil wants to connect government data professionals so they can help other agencies.

AI is coming
Steve Kelman, Federal Computer Week
The author looks at the potential — and potential risks — of letting algorithms drive government decision-making.

Customer Service
Building a Relational Public Sector
Jody Hoffer Gittell and Jacob Storch, Stanford Social Innovation Review
What the US can learn from Denmark, and vice versa.

Open Government
How Data is Radically Changing the Federal Government
Kevin Merritt, Government Executive
By making information accessible to the public, agencies are serving citizens more effectively.

Open data’s journey through an administration
Samantha Ehlinger, Fedscoop
Open data experts reflect on the progress made so far in giving the public more government data.

What Obama Did for Tech: Transparency and Open Data
Jason Shueh, Government Technology went live in 2009 and was the first platform to deliver federal data to citizens, civic hackers, academics and anyone else seeking insights from government information.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – September 17-23

Treasury ‘on track’ to hit Data Act milestones
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
Despite concerns, Treasury Department officials said they are on schedule to publish agency spending data by the May 2017 deadline.

Leading a Network Doesn’t Have To Be Like Herding Cats
Michael Keegan, Government Executive
Research offers a guide to effective collaboration.

Why Data Sharing Should Be Government’s Default
Stephen Goldsmith, Governing
It enables more efficient and effective government. The obstacles are often more rooted in folklore than in law.

Customer Service
How May I Help You?
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Improving customer service has been an off-and-on federal priority over a number of years.

How Sugar Beets Symbolize Innovation in Government
Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene, Governing
Insights into the things that can facilitate and hinder innovation.

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