Accountability and Performance Weekly – July 28-August 3

Performance Management
5 Ways Agencies Can Link Program Cost, Performance and Impact
Robert Shea and Tim Gribben, Government Executive
The financial management, performance and evidence communities too often fail to work together effectively.

On Gaining Acceptance for Performance Pay in Government
Howard Risher, Government Executive
Effective incentives strengthen engagement by rewarding employee contributions.

What Government’s Broken Strategic Planning Needs: Evidence
Andrew Feldman, Government Executive
Instead of trying to create the perfect strategic plan, agencies should aim to get better at learning what works.

Customer Service
Designers Are Driving Culture Change in City Hall
Zack Quaintance, Government Technology
The philosophies often used by designers to create human-centered products are generating a culture change within local government.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – July 21-27

OPM Begins Planning Its Reorganization Despite Pushback From Lawmakers
Eric Katz, Government Executive
Appropriations bill provisions would block unilateral efforts to reshape the Office of Personnel Management, the General Services Administration and other agencies.

Moving Beyond ‘Boxology’
John Kamensky, Government Executive
Government reform will demand more than just reshuffling the organization chart. So far, there are some positive signs.

A path to deal with data chaos and avoid mission failure
Jason Miller, Federal News Radio
Agencies should take a three-step process to help them answer questions using data.

White House looks to GEAR up
Mark Rockwell, Federal Computer Week
The Trump administration wants input on a new center that would bring together government and industry researchers and academics to help modernize processes and services.

Getting past the buzzwords on innovation
Lauren Williams, Federal Computer Week
If the Army’s new Futures Command is going to be a success, the service’s culture will have to change.

Inside the agency where you wish you worked
Jessie Bur, Federal Times
The U.S. Digital Service doesn’t look or operate like a typical government office. Step inside an organization bringing private sector innovation to public sector problems.

Open Government
Only One-Quarter of Agencies Publishing Timely, Accurate Spending Data, Says GAO
Jack Corrigan, Nextgov
Eight agencies submitted financial data that was more than 75 percent wrong.

The DATA Act compliance struggle is real
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
After more than a year’s worth of DATA Act reporting, just six of the 24 CFO Act agencies submitted data agency watchdogs considered complete.

The Roadmap to Engaging Government’s Employees
Robert Lavigna, Governing
Surveying them is the first step. It’s important to do it right — and then act on the results.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – July 14-20

GAO wants better data, more workforce planning for government reorg
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
The administration’s proposed changes have the potential to save money long-term, but Congress’ investigative arm wants to make sure the plan takes previous reorg attempts into account.

Dems on Trump reorg: ‘Where’s the data?’
Derek Johnson, Federal Computer Week
Democrats in the Senate are reluctant to support the Trump administration’s reorganization plan before OMB provides the underlying analysis used to justify claims it would lead to smoother governance.

Tempers Flare as White House Defends Reorg Proposal Against Accusations of Stonewalling
Eric Katz, Government Executive
The White House released proposals last month, but OMB Deputy Director for Management Margaret Weichert said the suggestions were merely preliminary submissions.

The top 4 proposals in the federal reorganization lineup
Jessie Bur, Federal Times
The government reorganization plan released last month included over 30 proposals to change the functions and authorities of various government agencies. Four of those items could see the earliest movement forward.

The Magic of “Multisolving”
Elizabeth Sawin, Stanford Social Innovation Review
Six principles and practices to unlock cross-sectoral collaboration.

Customer Service
Why customer-centered government empowers feds
Jessie Bur, Federal Times
Recent emphasis on customer-centered government may have the side effect of empowering federal employees to have more involvement in agency improvements.

USDA aims to become ‘faster, friendlier and easier,’ without more funding
Jory Heckman, Federal News Radio
Responding to the Trump administration’s push to improve service, the USDA has tasked its agency heads to appoint “customer experience champions,” whose full-time job is dedicated to improving service. All told, the USDA has appointed 40 customer service champions.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – June 30-July 13

Senators Look to Give Trump Authority to Reform and Reorganize Government
Eric Katz, Government Executive
Even if reorganization authority is provided, Congress would still have final say on changes.

The government reorganization plan: There may be a pony in there after all
Alan Balutis, Federal Computer Week
Attention and criticism have focused on the proposed org-chart changes but the real opportunities lie elsewhere.

Customer Service
When delivering citizen services, consistency is key
Kathleen Lear, Federal Times
Conflicting messages remain a major impediment for citizens looking to obtain the right information about government services.

Social Impact Bonds, Explained
Sheela Pandey, Joseph J. Cordes and Sanjay K. Pan, Government Executive
These partnerships between investors, governments and nonprofits are a new way to pay for programs and services that help people in need and address problems like mass incarceration.

Is leadership churn limiting agency effectiveness?
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
Turnover in the Trump administration is at historic levels, which takes a toll on the ability of agencies to execute on their missions.

Open Government
Fostering ‘Massive Engagement’
Zack Quaintance, Government Technology
A new best practices guide from messaging platform Twilio seeks to bridge the gap between constituents and elected officials.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – June 23-29

Lawmakers question goals of reorganization plan
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle raised concerns about various aspects of the White House’s plan to structurally reorganize the federal government, questioning the goals and motives of the proposal.

White House Defends Government Reorganization Proposals Amid Congressional Criticism
Eric Katz, Government Executive
OMB official faces “tough crowd” at hearing as lawmakers push back on an array of recommendations.

Will Trump’s reorg plan get a boost from Congress?
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
The White House proposed a wide-ranging plan that would consolidate and reorganize cabinet-level agencies, but it won’t get far without backing from Congress.

8 Key Proposals for Feds in Trump’s Reorganization Plan
Eric Katz, Government Executive
An array of proposals put forward last week by the Trump administration to reorganize and reform federal agencies would have major impacts on their workforces.

Short-term savings or long-term transformation?
Scott Erskine, Federal Computer Week
With the Trump administration’s government reorganization plan out, it’s worth examining strategies for how to balance demands for budget cuts with big-picture organizational change.

Customer Service
How Agencies Can Help Citizens Navigate the Maze of Information
Anna Sever, Government Executive
Information is a good thing; but what about when there’s too much of a good thing?

USDA reports success with centers of excellence program
Mark Rockwell, Federal Computer Week
As the Department of Agriculture modernizes, the General Services Administration is looking for the next agency to adopt its “centers of excellence” approach.

OMB Sharpens Guidance for Improving Programs and Curbing Improper Payments
Charles Clark, Government Executive
In a pair of memos to agency heads, OMB Director Mick Mulvaney laid out how his office will monitor progress toward formalizing the improvement of program management and getting a better handle on efforts to avoid government payments to undeserving parties.

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