Accountability and Performance Weekly – June 3-9

Experts urge agencies to remove emotion and fear from data analytics, focus on value of information
Meredith Somers, Federal News Radio
When it comes to data analytics at federal agencies, other areas for improvement include access and ownership, and avoiding the habit of sticking to the status quo.

An overview of Performance Partnership Pilots for Disconnected Youth, with lessons for other areas of social policy: An interview with Thaddeus Ferber, Vice President, Forum for Youth Investment
Andy Feldman, Gov Innovator Podcast
Performance Partnership Pilots allow jurisdictions to have additional flexibility in using discretionary funds across multiple Federal programs, in exchange for a commitment to achieve significant improvements for disconnected youth.

Creative vs. Transactional Collaboration
Asha Curran, Stanford Social Innovation Review
Collaboration that builds organizational capacity, moves people to take part, and propels the sector forward involves true co-creation and uses the unique strengths of each partner as building blocks.

Executive Branch Developed Resources to Support Implementation, but Guidance Could Better Reflect Leading Practices
Government Accountability Office
Agencies have developed guidance, staff positions, and websites to support the use of open innovation, but guidance for the implementation of open innovation initiatives does not fully reflect leading practices.

Most Feds Say Agencies Aren’t Interested in Their Ideas
Tom Shoop, Government Executive
Earlier this year, Trump administration officials said they would seek out the input of federal employees as they craft plans for reforming and reorganizing government.

Report looks at cause and effect of digital service teams in government
Tony Ware, Federal Times
The rise of “IT start-ups” within government has helped attract talent to address federal IT implementation challenges.

The Agility That Governments Need for a Disruptive Age
Russ Linden, Governing
Public-sector organizations aren’t designed for it, but some are finding ways to make it part of their culture.

Open Government
Visualization Takes Open Data to the Next Level
David Raths, Government Technology
An in-depth look at five interactive websites that offer fresh views of data.

You Can’t Run Government Like ‘a Great American Company’
John Low, Government Executive
With the right approach, the Trump administration does have a real opportunity to transform it.

Executive Branch Vacancies Jeopardize Trump’s Planned Reforms
Charles Clark, Government Executive
The administration is attempting to develop a comprehensive plan for reorganizing the federal government—a proven challenge under any circumstances—when hundreds of top agency jobs remain vacant or are occupied by officials serving in an acting capacity.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – May 27-June 2

Air Force leverages big data for better face-to-face recruiting
Lauren Larson, Federal News Radio
The Air Force plans to hire 1,400 cyber and 2,000 acquisition personnel over the next year. To do that, it’s taking a fresh approach to how it recruits.

How the Rhode Island Innovative Policy Lab (RIIPL) works: An interview with Justine Hastings, Director, RIIPL
Andy Feldman, Gov Innovator Podcast
RIIPL is a partnership between researchers at Brown University and the Office of the Governor of Rhode Island, with the goal of helping state agencies design evidence-based policies to better serve Rhode Island families.

Creating IT Start-Ups in Government
John Kamensky, Business of Government
The Administration wants to infuse private sector tech and know-how into government operations. It has created two linked offices in the White House to help lead the effort: the Office of American Innovation and the American Technology Council.

How State wants to innovate
Adam Mazmanian, Federal Computer Week
The State Department is contemplating a procurement that can drive innovation and collaboration among U.S. diplomats.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Double-Loop Government
Mark Funkhouser, Governing
The basketball player’s early career illustrates a learning strategy that produces conflict — and innovation.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – May 20-26

Performance Management
HR’s Crucial Role in Boosting Government’s Performance
Howard Risher, Governing
HR is the logical home for people-management expertise. We need to re-define its function.

Trump Budget’s Blessing of Program Evidence Could Cut Two Ways
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Program evaluation specialists welcome effort but some worry it could simply be used to justify cuts.

Bipartisanship? It may be possible thanks to this little-known group
Sandy Davis and William Hoagland, The Hill
The work of a little-known federal commission may hold the key to more effective policymaking.

How Policymakers Prioritize Evidence-Based Programs Through Law
Pew-Macarthur Results First Initiative
Lessons from Washington, Tennessee, and Oregon.

The importance of replication and validation in evidence-based policy: An interview with Tammy Chang, U.S. Treasury Department, and Nathanial Higgins, formerly U.S. Social and Behavioral Sciences Team
Andy Feldman, GovInnovator Podcast
Two real-life stories from the front lines of government performance improvement efforts that highlight the importance of replication and validation in evidence-based policy.

Building Real Collaboration into Your Organization
Pratichi Shah, Stanford Social Innovation Review
How focusing on the three organizational pillars of culture, people, and leadership can help fuel meaningful collaboration.

GSA Hackathon Sought Tangible AI Solutions for Making Government Data Accessible via ‘Personal Assistant’
Theo Douglas, Government Technology
Many agencies in attendance gave overviews of what types of public data they have, how those are accessed and in what format they exist — focusing on frequently requested information ranging from student loan qualifications to parks information to applying for a passport.

Optimizing Government Performance: Tips from the Trenches
Noelle Knell and Elaine Pittman, Government Technology
Lessons learned on data-driven decision-making and creating a culture of innovation.

Forcing culture change at DOD
Sean D. Carberry, Federal Computer Week
Study after study has argued that the Department of Defense is risk averse and unable to rapidly adapt to changing technology. One former official says it’s time to use force to change innovation culture at the Pentagon.

Leadership Matters, But Government Has a Deeper Problem
Ronald Sanders and Terry Gerton, Government Executive
Federal management systems are in dire need of an overhaul.

Risk and Trump’s Reorganization Order
Linda Miller, Government Executive
The mandate for reform represents an opportunity for agency leaders.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – May 13-19

Performance Management
Government’s unending saga of management reform
Alan Balutis, Federal Computer Week
The problem with President Trump’s management agenda is not its particulars — it’s that we’ve been talking about the same changes for decades.

How Government Can Nurture the Nudge
Stephen Goldsmith, Governing
Behaviorally informed interventions can improve outcomes. Louisville’s approach shows the wisdom of starting small.

Evidence-based government: It’s not rocket science
Steve Kelman, Federal Computer Week
The author points to some very straightforward examples of measuring the effectiveness of an intervention.

Hacking Nonprofit Collaboration
Art Taylor, Stanford Social Innovation Review
Nine considerations for nonprofits looking to maximize social impact through collaboration.

Creating Breakout Innovation
Joanna Levitt Cea and Jess Rimington, Stanford Social Innovation Review
Nonprofits, community groups, and philanthropists are embracing cocreation as a way to engage a wider community in tackling pressing problems.

Open Government
Bill would make it easier for citizens to give agencies a piece of their mind
Tony Ware, Federal Times
Sens. Lankford and McCaskill have introduced the Federal Agency Customer Experience Act to remove extensive interagency review processes keeping agencies from gauging customer satisfaction.

Open Data Needs More Than Executive Order, Think Tank Says
Mohana Ravindranath, Nextgov
Executive orders aren’t enough to bolster federal open data programs, and Congress needs to step up, a technology advocacy group says.

Risk Management
Using Scenario Planning to Surface Invisible Risks
Sampriti Ganguli, Stanford Social Innovation Review
How to prepare an organization for the unexpected.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – May 6-12

New spending site debuts
Sara Friedman, Federal Computer Week
The Treasury released on the new beta version of, designed to show off the financial information collected and disseminated under the DATA Act.

The power of the DATA Act begins to emerge
Meredith Somers, Federal News Radio
On a recent May day at Booz Allen Hamilton’s Innovation Center in Washington, D.C., about 50 creative minds opened their laptops and dove into 100,000 federal spending reports.

DATA Act: More ‘boon’ than ‘boondoggle’ for agencies
Meredith Somers, Federal News Radio
The three-year implementation is going well, while agency managers breathe a sigh of relief even as they prepare for the next step.

Oversight Committee to Treasury: Get tough on DATA Act
Carten Cordell, Federal Times
With DATA Act reporting underway, the House Oversight Committee wants implementation fixes in place.

As big deadline hits, lawmakers warn on long-term risks to Data Act
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
As agencies are wrapping up submissions for the DATA Act’s first deadline, transparency advocates and lawmakers are framing the milestone date more as a starting point.

A Blueprint for SES Reform
Ron Sanders, Government Executive
A set of specific recommendations for transforming the government’s senior executive corps.

Reorganization order creates low morale, hurts mission, federal managers say
Terry Wing, Federal News Radio
As they put together their agency restructuring plans, agency leaders have expressed doubt about the process.

In planning for the reorg, Price encourages employees to help him ‘reimagine’ HHS
Nicole Ogrysko, Federal News Radio
Department secretaries have been making the rounds, outlining their plans to reorganize their agencies and detailing how those strategies may involve or impact their workforce. HHS Secretary Tom Price offered his view and asked that HHS employees view upcoming reorganization efforts as an opportunity.

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