Accountability and Performance Weekly – September 30-October 6

Performance Management
Managing for Results: Further Progress Made in Implementing the GPRA Modernization Act, but Additional Actions Needed to Address Pressing Governance Challenges
Government Accountability Office
OMB and agencies have made some progress in more fully implementing the GPRA Modernization Act, but GAO’s work and 2017 survey of federal managers highlight numerous areas where improvements are needed.

2017 Survey of Federal Managers on Organizational Performance and Management Issues
Government Accountability Office
Provides information from our web-based survey of nearly 4,400 federal managers on certain management topics, such as using performance measures to track progress, quarterly performance reviews, and program evaluations.

Needed: A Commitment to Effective Performance Management
Howard Risher, Government Executive
Civil service reform is important, but without management reform it’s unlikely to generate the expected results.

Why Leaders Should Focus on Outcomes Instead of Solutions
Scott Elbin, Government Executive
Too often, executives and managers overlook the difference between the two.

Program Evaluation: Annual Agency-Wide Plans Could Enhance Leadership Support for Program Evaluations
Government Accountability Office
In its government-wide survey GAO found that most federal managers lack recent evaluations of their programs.

A primer on the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking’s recommendations: An interview with Nick Hart, Bipartisan Policy Center
Andy Feldman, GovInnovator Podcast
The Commission’s key recommendations focus on making the most of the data the government already collects by giving qualified researchers greater access to data from government programs and surveys, strengthening privacy protections, and ways that departments can increase their evidence capacity.

A Ray of Hope in Government Management
John Kamensky, Government Executive
Execution of the first round of Cross-Agency Priority Goals shows tangible results.

Innovation By and For the Government
Tim Cooke, Government Executive
The long, onerous and costly federal acquisition process makes it hard to attract private innovators.

Are USDS and 18F becoming part of the govtech ecosystem?
Steve Kelman, Federal Computer Week
Kelman talks to both digital recruits and longtime feds about the benefits, and lingering tensions, that come from digital service teams.

From “Lean Start-Up” to “Lean Collaboration”
Sharath Jeevan, Stanford Social Innovation Review
How to reframe government adoption of social innovations.

Survey: Federal Senior Execs Lack Sufficient Authority to Drive Change
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Career leaders “don’t feel empowered,” professional association says.

What to look for in agency reorg plans
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
Will agency reorganization plans focus on management and program improvements, or are the efforts a front for budget cuts and workforce reductions?

Do agencies need more flexibility for reorgs?
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
Shared services and workforce reductions are expected to feature prominently in the White House’s plan to reorganize the federal government, but some changes could benefit from additional outside authorities.

Strategic Planning
Using Strategic Foresight: Interview with CDR Eric Popiel, US Coast Guard
Michael Keegan, Business of Government
How the U.S. Coast Guard uses strategic foresight to make better decisions.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – September 16-29

Performance Management
The Surmountable Barriers to Measuring Performance in Government
Charlie Francis, Governing
The tools could be better, and organizational inertia is an issue. But those problems can be overcome. It’s worth the effort.

Congress Wants to Boost Agency Use of Evidence in Program Evaluation
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Improving data to measure outcomes is not a pretext to cut spending, panelists say.

Can Congress put evidence-based policymaking into practice?
Ben Berliner, Federal Computer Week
A bipartisan commission wants the government to use program data to determine whether policies work, but there are political barriers.

The Case for Evidence in Government
Douglas Criscitello, Government Executive
Data alone can’t provide insight into the effectiveness of government programs—sophisticated analysis is vital.

Customer Service
Trump tech office looks to improve customer experience
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
A senior White House tech adviser said that administration’s priorities include improving citizen-facing services, shared services and pushing open government legislation.

The VA Innovators Network innovation specialists are changing culture from within
Tajha Chappallet-Lanier, Fedscoop
VA has created an internal innovation unit focused on creating a network of innovators that help improve operations for patients in hospitals and other venues.

Amid reorg, agency leaders push for SES reforms
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
Amid reorganization and downsizing, agency leaders want to ensure there’s a healthy pipeline for the senior executive service to carry out its mission.

Making Trump’s Government Reforms Stick
Fred Panzer and Anna Weldon, Government Executive
Agency plans are due this week — that’s just the beginning for federal managers.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – September 9-15

Performance Management
Competent Management: Getting the Basics Right
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Federal agencies are currently in the midst of developing grand reform plans and four-year strategic plans to submit to OMB this week. But sometimes it is worthwhile to stand back and look at whether you’re doing the basics right.

Focusing on the Outcomes That Matter Most
Richard Anderson and Anna Roach, Governing
By aligning its transformation efforts with six priority areas, Georgia’s most populous county is seeing early progress.

Meaning of ‘Performance’ in Government Performance Management
Prajapati Trivedi, Business of Government
In the name of measuring ‘performance’ of a government agency, there has been a proliferation of approaches, methods and methodologies. However, no one measurement approach is better than others. The right question to ask is whether the measurement approach is appropriate for the task at hand.

Senators gear up for government reorg
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
With agencies’ draft reorganization plans due at the end of the month, senators want to focus on legislative solutions to the low-hanging fruit for improving agency efficiencies.

Focus on ‘Low-Hanging Fruit’ in Agency Reform Efforts, Senators Tell Trump Administration
Eric Katz, Government Executive
Lawmakers also say agencies need to solicit input from front-line feds.

One reorganization idea that nearly everyone can agree on
Nicole Ogrysko, Federal News Radio
Ask any stakeholder about the Trump administration’s efforts to reorganize government and restructure the federal workforce, and they’ll give you a different answer about how it’s going.

Experts: Lasting Organizational Change Begins at All Levels
Eyragon Eidam, Government Technology
If you thought changing bad habits was hard, try getting an entire organization to move in a new direction. Varying interests within any given group and a reluctance to adapt to new ways of doing business often puts organizations and change drivers at odds with one another.

A Portfolio Approach to Social Innovation Partnerships
Steve Davis and Elaine Gibbons, Stanford Social Innovation Review
Successful social innovation at scale requires partners from the public, private, and social sectors to work together through flexible models that evolve to meet shifting requirements and address changing risks.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – August 26-September 8

Commission on Evidence-Based Policy Calls for Interagency Coordination
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Report recommends a National Secure Data Service that would help with specific projects without compromising privacy.

How Congress can get better data and also increase privacy
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
A bipartisan panel of government management experts is pushing for the creation of a federal data service for collecting and distributing information to aid evidence-based policymaking.

Smarter regulation through data science
Edward Seiler, Federal Computer Week
How analytics offers a low-cost alternative to regulation when it comes to monitoring risks to the financial system.

Intragovernmental Collaborations: Pipedreams or the Future of the Public Sector?
Sarah Worthing, Stanford Social Innovation Review
How policy labs can foster greater collaboration and policy co-creation.

Making Government’s Massive Programs Work: Now It’s the Law
Roger Kodat, Business of Government
Over the past few decades, the private sector has recognized program management as a key factor in enhancing organizational performance with respect to complex and challenging change initiatives.

When Are Managers Willing to Take Risks?
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Do federal managers systematically avoid taking risks, or do they regularly try new things, undertake organizational changes, and innovate?

The Formula for Operational Excellence in Government
Stephen Goldsmith and Jane Wiseman, Governing
Successful efficiency efforts have several important things in common, as three case studies illustrate.

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Accountability and Performance Weekly – August 19-25

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic with Evidence and Innovation
Andrew Feldman, Richard Frank, and Christopher Spera, Government Executive
How Congress and the Health and Human Services Department can reduce opioid-related deaths.

‘Big challenge’ ahead for procurement, grants reporting under DATA Act
Meredith Somers, Federal News Radio
It took federal agencies’ four years to go from introduction to implementation of the DATA Act, so what will it take to get 2,300 grant-making programs and 3,200 procurement offices to do the same?

Drowning in Data, Cities Turn to ‘Citizen Scientists’
Tod Newcombe, Governing
Governments have more data than they have the manpower to handle. Some recruit volunteers to help analyze it all, but they’re far from being experts in data.

Making Government’s Massive Programs Work: Now It’s the Law
Dan Chenok, Government Executive
Implementing the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act.

Can reorg plans get agencies off the high-risk list?
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
As agencies continue preparations to submit their reorganization plans, many also have to reckon with their places on the Government Accountability Office’s high-risk list.

GAO Chief Dismisses ‘Legend’ that Agencies Can’t Escape High-Risk List
Charles Clark, Government Executive
The effort to gather agency ideas for reorganizing to boost efficiency are “a perfect” opportunity to use GAO’s high-risk list as a tool.

Open Government
‘Imagine Boston 2030’ Dashboard Seeks to Bolster City Government Accountability
Zack Quaintance, Government Technology
Platform condenses 472-page plan into simple progress metrics that cover all of the goals within Boston’s first citywide project in 50 years.

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